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The Deaners have lost another treasured friend, Ed Schulte of Detroit, Michigan.  The following information comes from Ed's brother, Joe Schulte of Clinton Township. Michigan. 

Ed was born in 1941 and passed away July 7, 2004.  He was trained in James Dean by his brother, Joe.  When Ed was 15 years old, he made his first trip to Fairmount, Indiana with his twin brother and his brother Joe who was 20 years old at that time. 

The previous year, 1956, the family made their own version of Rebel Without A Cause on 8mm film with the sound track on a separate tape recorder. When played together, they were pretty much synchronized.  Joe played Dean, Tom was Plato, older brother George played Dean's dad, and Ed was the cameraman. 

Over the years Ed Collected items on Jimmy that Ed gave him, and when they found out about the festivals in Fairmount, they began making trips there.  Ed made trips in '57, '92, twice in '93, twice in '95, '96, '99, 2002 and 2003.  his health was failing; he could not make it to the opening of David Loehr's new James Dean Gallery in Gas City in May, 2004. 

On his trips to Fairmount from 1992 on, Ed made many friends as you can see from the pictures on this memorial site.  To sum things up about Ed, if he was one of the apostles he would be the "beloved one."  We will all miss Ed.



2002 at the Jeopardy-style contest with the Lesniewskis fromChicago behind Ed, Linda Levine of South Bend seated behind him, and Mary Emmerick beside him.


Ed, we will always miss you. Tell Jimmy and Adeline how much they are missed, too.

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