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Road Rockets Car Show at the New James Dean Memorial Gallery

David Loehr has unveiled his art-deco building at exit 59 off Interstate 69, Gas City, Indiana.  On opening weekend, mid-May 2004, The Indianapolis-based  Road Rockets brought some of their best rides to show.  Showboatin'!


This very wheel comes from the car A.J. Foyt drove in the 1963 Indianapolis 500 Mile Race.
This wheel fell off right at the end of the race as A.J. was about to win.  He won the year before, and almost won in '63.  This kustom car owner bought the wheel and modified his car to add a special  axel that the tire snaps on to.  Of course, then he had to buy a matching wheel for the passenger side, and so it goes.

The car with the A.J. jinx wheel.  Engine is a flathead Ford with an Offenhauser something.
Surely I will find my notes.  I put them all in a baggie to keep them safe.  Who owns this car? 


Everyone asks me about this truck (or car??). I don't know.  If
you know, please email me, Sandra, at

I don't know who owns it or anything.....  Send me the facts!

Quaker Classics is a car dealer in Fairmount, right behind the convenience store at the traffic light on State Road 26, (or 915 North Main Street, on your way from town to Jimmy's grave.) You can check out the latest finds at Quaker Classics.  Well worth spending time here! If you are looking for a special car, phone 765.948.3377.

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