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2001 James Dean Festival in Fairmount, IN

Pamela DesBarres and David
Pamels DesBarres from Hollywood congratulates popular lookalike winner David Wozniak of Sterling Heights, Michigan. See all the wild rumpus on The Lookalike Contest Pages. You can email David at Dwdean1955@aol.com
and his webpage  in 2003 is up but I can't get the address right.  Waiting for more data.

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dance winners
The dance contest winners shook their tail feathers just right.

The 2001 Festival ran from Friday, September 28 through Sunday, September 30th. The James Dean Run car show ran the same days, out in Playacres Park. You could walk to everything from everywhere. Always pay to park, if it's really crowded. Save wear and tear on your temper! The memorial service always starts at 1:00 on September 30th, no matter what day of the week the 30th falls on. Breakfast in the Fellowship Hall before the service. Be sure to make a nice donation to Back Creek Friends to show appreciation for all they do for the fans. Wear comfortable shoes, sunblock, and your camera. If you aren't from Indiana, be sure to eat a breaded pork tenderloin. We're famous for them, and you'll be hooked. (We Hoosiers already are.) The Legend Diner has reopened! Its new name is The Quaker Inn, as it was called in James Dean's time.

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